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In a harmonious blend of cultural influences, Bosnian guitarist and composer Mirza Redzepagic, a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music in Valencia released new single "Breeze of Delight."


Musical journey titled ''Breeze of Delight'' began at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, where he immersed himself in studying Contemporary Performance and Production, earning a master's degree. The vibrant campus served as a melting pot, bringing together exceptional musicians from over 60 countries, laying the foundation for a global collaboration that would later define his sound.

"Breeze of Delight," the first glimpse into this musical odyssey, introduces listeners to a flamenco-jazz fusion inspired by the Alégrias style from the heart of Andalucia. 

The magic unfolds with the collaboration of Juan Pablo Arias on drums, Michael Ventura on saxophone, and Felipe Ribeiro Santos on piano. Redzepagic's flamenco tune forms the foundation, enriched by Colombian rhythmic vibes, jazz saxophone, and Brazilian saudade, creating a composition that is happy and fierce in mood, yet layered with nostalgia and melancholy in color.

Behind the scenes, the production prowess comes from the hands of American/Iranian producer Shabnam J. Kermani. The engineering finesse is attributed to Jesus Martinez from Chile, while the mastering is expertly handled by Felipe Ribeiro Santos. The synergy between these talents elevates "Breeze of Delight" to a sonic masterpiece. The single is recorded in one of the finest sound places in Valencia - 'El Spot' studio. 

Breeze of Delight COVER ART.jpg

The visual aesthetics accompanying the single are equally captivating, featuring the renowned Bosnian graphic artist Dzevad Hozo's (1938 - 2020) evocative artwork "Couple" as the single's cover. The union of Redzepagic's musical vision and Hozo's visual artistry creates a multi-sensory experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Before "Breeze of Delight," two singles, "Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim" and "Hicaz Saz Semai," were released, providing a preview of the diverse and enchanting world crafted by Mirza Redzepagic. As these preludes paved the way, "Breeze of Delight" now sets the stage for the forthcoming full album. Scheduled for release in April 2024, featuring collaboration of more than 15 musicians spanning the USA, Brazil, Colombia, India, Cyprus, Jordan, Pakistan and beyond. 
The album promises to be a testament to the universal language of music, embracing diversity and unity through a mesmerizing blend of sounds and cultures. 

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