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It is an exploration of the flamenco soul with the devotion of the dervish.

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Hovering above the wooden plates, with invisible wings of fire. Taking in air and turning it into the sky piercing prayer. Radiating vibrations that penetrate the earth like roots of a tree and the hands flowing on the strings like a river between East and West. NAiRUZ, it is the exploration of the flamenco soul with the devotion of the dervish…

Nairuz derives from old Persian and symbolises the birth of spring, the blossoming of nature. In oriental maqam music it is the name of the music scale.


Project by guitarist Mirza Redžepagić, Nairuz blend the rich heritage of Sufi music and flamenco. The dialogue between two different musical traditions sharing the same core resonates with the soft sounds of flamenco guitar, oriental oud, Turkish ney and double bass, complemented by the sonorous Sufi singing and palmas as an essential form of percussion that helps accentuate the absorbed flamenco dance. Nairuz represents a mixture of deep rooted traditions with the art of being attentive to the present moment.

The music they play is new, imbued with mysticism. 


                                     LINE UP
                  Mirza Redžepagić  -  guitar
                 Almedin Varošanin  -  vocal & ney
                 Nino Mureškić - percussion
                 Urška Centa  -  dance & palmas



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