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Mirza Redzepagic began his musical journey at the age of 8, starting with the classical guitar. By age 15, he had already participated in numerous national and international competitions, showcasing his exceptional talent.

He pursued his studies in classical guitar performance at the Music Academy in Sarajevo under the guidance of Prof. Alexander Swete, graduating with the highest honors by the age of 24.

Driven by his passion for musical exploration, Mirza delved into flamenco and Oriental music, including Arabic and Turkish maqam, studying under Sanel Sabitovic in Sarajevo. He further expanded his horizons in Granada, Spain, receiving instruction in flamenco guitar from esteemed masters such as Juan Habichuela, Jorge el Pisao, and Ruben Campos.

Mirza is also proficient on the Arabic oud, establishing himself as one of the few players of the instrument in his country and region.

In 2015, Mirza was awarded a scholarship by the Asociación Española de Guitarra Flamenca (AEGF) in Madrid, specializing in flamenco guitar and arts under the guidance of renowned flamenco guitarist and teacher Jose Deluna.

Mirza holds a Master's degree in Contemporary Performance and Production from Berklee College of Music in Valencia.

His diverse repertoire spans various musical styles, including flamenco, classical, Balkan, maqam, and World Music. He regularly performs at esteemed festivals and notable venues across Europe.

Mirza's dedication to music extends beyond his performances. Since 2017, he has served as a professor of flamenco guitar and as a representative of the Asociación Española de Guitarra Flamenca (AEGF) for Balkan countries.

In 2018, Mirza took on the role of music director for the World Music Fest Zeman (Serbia), curating a lineup of renowned artists and establishing it as one of the most ambitious events in the Balkan region.

Mirza's passion for collaborative music projects led to the co-establishment of the World Music Jam Sessions in Sarajevo in 2019, offering a platform for musicians from diverse backgrounds to create unique musical experiences.

In 2020, Mirza showcased his expertise in a captivating online session of Microtonal Guitar at Womex, exploring the possibilities of performing Maqam music on the flamenco microtonal guitar.

Mirza's project, NAiRUZ, is an international band specializing in the music of Sufi and flamenco cultures. They've garnered recognition as one of the ten bands in the MOST - The Bridge for Balkan Music program, supported by Creative Europe in 2020.

Mirza's musical journey is marked by two released albums: "Flamenco Clásicos" (2021), a homage to the old Masters of flamenco guitar, and "Mirza Redzepagic plays Brouwer" (2022), showcasing his interpretation of the works of esteemed composer Leo Brouwer.

Inspired by his time at Berklee Valencia, Mirza's new solo album showcases his eagerness to explore new artistic territories and his growth influenced by encounters with musicians from around the world, resulting in a fresh and distinctive sound.

This project is particularly special due to collaboration with over 10 musicians from different countries, contributing to a rich tapestry of sound incorporating a wide range of cultural influences.

The album was recorded at Berklee Valencia from September 2022 to June 2023 and is set to be released in May 2024.

Looking ahead, NAiRUZ's highly anticipated first album is scheduled to be unveiled in October 2024, featuring Mirza's compositions and arrangements, pushing the boundaries of Sufi and flamenco musical traditions.

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