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NAiRUZ Trilogy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the band was unable to practice and to work together because they live in 3 different countries. This is their way of expressing their art during pandemic time.

NAiRUZ Behind the curtain

This video is recorded while preparing for the concert in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The concert was held a few days before the lockdown, when we still had no idea it would be our last concert back in the “old normal”.

NAiRUZ Between the curtains

After one year, Almedin, the singer, came to Sarajevo from Novi Pazar, Serbia. Since none of them have played live for a year,  Mirza had an idea to visit his good friend, Parviz, Persian poet, musician and merchant, at his gallery ''Isfahan'' located at the old town of Sarajevo, in hope of the spontaneous jam session.

NAiRUZ Away from the curtain

Away from the Curtain is an online studio concert of Almedin Varošanin & Mirza Redžepagić performing four compositions of their repertoire. This video is the last video of NAiRUZ Trilogy made during the pandemic, which resembles the effort of an artist to create and perform even when it's not possible to do it live.

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